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Venezia — St.Petersburg

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    consulting agency providing international companies 
    full-service support in Russia

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    We are both experienced in projects  for global brands and local businesses

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We do

Brand strategy 
Web Advertising 

Analyzing the market, planning out strategy, creating the concept and bringing it to life. Teaching you to communicate with your clients so that they return over and over again. We know which channels are more effective to  interact with your client base and we work out a deep and strategic approach.

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Russia or Italy? We are available in both countries

  • Olga Provotorova 
    brand manager, Italy 
    mobile/whatsapp: +39 333 340 71 22 
    skype: OlgaPva

  • Michael Shishkin
    creative director, Russia 
    mobile/whatsapp: +7 921 917 85 33 
    skype: shishki-design